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Love the sense of community at Veranda Beach!

Friday, September 11th, 2015

K-Town is fabulous. It ain’t no Veranda Beach though.

We moved into a condo on Abbott St in Kelowna. It’s a great spot. Right smack dab where we wanted to be.

Abbott runs along the lake and is the most popular street in Kelowna for cyclists, joggers and strollers.

Thing is that Passers by seem surprised when I greet them.

Oh right, I’m in the city now, you don’t do that.

It sure ain’t the community we enjoy at VB.

It’s been another great summer and a lay at the pool day again today. Sneak away to the Beach
Eh!  Diner’s open weekends.


Most Content at Veranda Beach by Karina Alibhai

Monday, April 28th, 2014

As part of Karina Alibhai’s university application, she was asked this question….

Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?

And here is her reply…

As you drive down the winding road, the bright colored dots gradually grow into small cottages and the sun creates a golden glow behind the mountains as it reflects off the shimmering lake. As you continue down the lane, you see families sitting in their verandas chatting over a meal, kids playing a game of tag on the grassy field, boys racing their bikes across the road and grandparents watching their grandchildren play in the water from their beach chairs in the shade. Everything here is perfect, from the 1950s-themed cottages to the sunset over the lake. But what makes this place so special is the sense of community, the unique lifestyle and the family memories.

Karina Alibhai & her brothers at Veranda Beach

Karina Alibhai & her brothers at Veranda Beach – Easter 2014

Every family has a tradition.  Our family tradition is driving five hours to Lake Osoyoos. And while a five hour drive may seem long or boring to some, it is one of the highlights of the trip. Being together in one car and having conversations, playing car games and telling jokes is the best start to our vacation. The journey is perhaps as memorable as the destination – Veranda Beach.

When a family comes to Veranda Beach, they don’t just come to a beach resort.  They go back in time to when life was simple and they become part of a magical community. Whether families have been coming here for years or this is their first visit, the lifestyle at Veranda Beach is unique. People stop and say hello to one another on the beach, bikers have the right of way on the roads, the cottages remain unlocked at all times and most of all, there is a feeling of happiness and contentment which is contagious at Veranda Beach.

I have noticed that regardless of how busy my family is or how stressed my parents are, when we come to Veranda it is like everything is lifted off our shoulders. There is a sense of peace and we are all relaxed. While there are still the occasional arguments and pranks, everything has a loving touch to it.

The weeks go by so fast, and by the end of the summer my brothers and I are almost in tears because we don’t want to leave the place we call our second home. Coming to Veranda Beach is not a typical vacation. Our days consist of working out, playing games, having long, intellectual conversations over meals, reading books, playing sports, completing homework, watching movies and bonding with one another. The life here provides us with something we lack in the real world – balance.

My favorite part about Veranda Beach, however, is being with my family. While we do have the occasional fight, I love my brothers and my parents; they have always been my number one fans. As we sit around the table talking about current events, cuddling around the small fire not saying a word, or laughing at one another for being silly, the love that we have for each other becomes crystal clear.

I am the happiest at Veranda Beach because my family is the happiest when we are there. Hearing the laughs, seeing the smiles and simply being together are the highlights of my summer. Veranda Beach brings out the best moments and creates our best memories. It is where I feel most content.

Celebration News from Veranda Beach

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day everyone!  We are celebrating with one day sales, barbeque parties, and open houses!

Fourth of July and Canada Day Sale at Veranda Beach

Our Canada Day and Fourth of July Barbeque parties are set to go and we’ll be holding an Open House each day where guests can learn of ownership opportunities at Veranda Beach including our new hacienda collection and garden cottages as well as our vineyard cottage neighborhood.

We’re also celebrating two double-golds and a silver for Veranda Beach Cellars wines at the Seattle Wine awards! Taste them at our 5th Annual Winemaker’s Dinner and the Gold Medal Experience in Seattle!

And we are celebrating the release of two new neighborhoods for cottage and hacienda real estate ownership opportunities on Lake Osoyoos!

Please join us is raising a glass this weekend as there is plenty to celebrate!

10 Cottages Sold in the last two months!

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

What a glorious fall we have had at Veranda Beach, including the sale of 10 cottages!

Construction will take place in three Veranda Beach neighborhoods this winter.  There is still time to order your new cottage for the Summer of 2013, however don’t delay.  New cottage orders for the 2013 season will be accepted until November 1st. View our Veranda Beach Real Estate opportunities online and then give our Sales Specialist a call.

Your Veranda Beach adirondack chairs await!

Veranda Beach on Lake Osoyoos

Arbor Day at Veranda Beach – April 7th

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Enthusiasm is building for Arbor Day festivities here at Veranda Beach. Veranda Beach cottage owners, families and guests are invited to come together to celebrate the natural beauty surrounding the Veranda Beach community.  Join in on a fun filled day complete with tree plantings, activities and a celebration
potluck lunch for the whole family!

Agenda for the day:








Did you know that a tree that lives to be over 40 years old will have removed one
ton of carbon emissions from the atmosphere?  Wow!  Think what Veranda Beach
Cottage owners and guests will be doing for our environment by adding to the
trees that surround our community!

Download an Arbor Day Tree Order Form.

A Fishing Story That Tops Them All!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Close to 100 anglers turned up for the 8th Annual Molson Ice Fishing Festival lMolson Ice Fishing Festivalast weekend in Molson, WA. The day began with the community putting on a delicious pancake breakfast in the Grange Hall. Then it was off fishing to compete for hundreds of dollars in prizes on Molson Lake, which is just a mere 20 acres, and Sidley Lake, a bit larger at 100 acres but its depths only reach 12 feet. At 4pm everyone gathered back at the Grange Hall for the prize presentation. However, for the second year in a row no one had caught a single fish! So after a great Italian style dinner all of the participant’s tickets were put in a barrel and with a thunderous applause, one by one each of the prizes were drawn.
Now that’s a Fishing Derby! Don’t miss next year’s festival you might catch the first fish…in three years!

Tsawwassen Gang Reunion at Veranda Beach

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
Family and Friends Reunion at Veranda Beach

Tsawwassen Gang Family and Friends Reunion

Last Night was Texas night for the Tsawwassen Reunion Gang of five families from Vancouver! Even the adults were all decked out. The night prior was Caribbean night and a Mexican, 50′s and White Trash night are still to come!

It’s the Tsawwassen Reunion Gang’s first time to Veranda Beach, having discovered it through a friend that owns a family cottage at Veranda Beach. Historically the Gang went to Tofino, however, no more as they are loving it at the Beach and they’ve already booked again for next year!

Veranda Beach is the perfect place for reunions of family and friends!

Veranda Beach’s Wine Weekends are a huge hit!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Just ask the twelve ladies who escaped for a girls’ getaway, the friends reacquainted after not seeing each other for months, or the couples who found some time for one another – all over wine at a Veranda Beach Wine Weekend and everyone with one resounding comment – fabulous!

So what has made the Veranda Beach wine weekends so fabulous? In a word… intimacy. Veranda Beach’s own Rusty Figgins hosts the wine reception, wine tour and wine dinner, not for one hundred, nor fifty, but rather for twenty people, thus enabling a personal connection to the winemaker to be formed. “For many” says event coordinator Rhonda Hinkley “it is a discovery time on wine. Where the participants may have long enjoyed wine and are now taking this opportunity to learn more about it.” They are fortunate to do so in such a relaxed and intimate setting, and the best part says Hinkley, “each weekend keeps getting better and better”.

Guests listened intently as Figgins grabbed a cluster of grapes from the Veranda Beach Barbera vines to measure sugar content in “brix”so as to determine the optimal harvest time, and then it was onto the reception to enjoy various wine selections and discussion about the character of those wines in one of Veranda Beach’s new Vineyard Cottages.

A South Okanagan wine tour was the order of the next day – but this was no ordinary wine tour as each stop grew with intimacy. Road 13 was a treat as always, however it was wine shop manager Kathy Mercier at Hester Creek who met our guests upon arrival and personally provided a “behind the scenes” look at the Vineyard, production and storage areas, and then we participated in a wine tasting. Lunch was served at Burrowing Owl. Saeed at Le Vieux Pin and Mohammed at La Stella offered tastings of their respective French and Italian wines in their barrel rooms. And then it was onto Stoneboat Vineyards where Tim, the winemaker, himself, welcomed our guests to his table on the lawn.

A three course wine pairing dinner followed on Saturday evening with each course exquisitely paired by Rusty and Chef Michael of Globe at the Beach. The food was created out of local flavors of the season. The first course was an Okanagan Peach salad, paired with Rockwell Cellars Riesling; the main course – Grilled Striploin paired with Veranda Beach’s own Syrah; and the finale – a Molten Dark & White Chocolate Lava Cake, paired with Rockwall Cellars Foch Lore. The atmosphere was a culmination of great knowledge, food, and wine, and to have shared it with friends, old as well as some new, was superb!

Our guests are wine touring again today, and I am quite sure enjoying festivities of the Okanagan Wine Festival during what is likely to be the best Veranda Beach Wine Weekend yet. Or, will it be next weekend? Why not join us for an intimate wine weekend at Veranda Beach? You will not find anything else like it, especially with pricing from only $199 per person for the wine weekend package. Call us at 1.888.476.4001 and we’ll reserve you a place at the table.

Celtic Lobster Fest – SO much fun!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

60 lobsters, chardonnay, celtic tunes, roaming fiddlers, what a night!  Not often can you take children to a culinary event without them loosing interest within ten minutes, however such was not the case last Saturday night at Veranda Beach. Perhaps it was the mound of 60 Atlantic lobsters awaiting their boiling bath, or Bill Lynch with his festive apron, maritime Sou’wester hat and engaging demo on how to dig in. However, I think the best moment was their faces when their own 1 lb lobster arrived, they cracked into the claw, dipped it in clarified butter and savoured that first morsel. It was sleeves up and full on from there! The lobster dog appetizers were a little spicy for them, however SO enjoyed by the adults, and everyone enjoyed the brownie volcano finish. Thanks for the family fun Veranda Beach!