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2016: What you can look forward to at Veranda Beach

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

We might have been under a blanket of snow for the last while, but we’re already planning for when our sandy shores are under beach blankets and sunshine instead. Yes, summer is coming… It really, really is!

To get you through the last few weeks of winter, here are a few things you can look forward to at Veranda Beach this year.

Arbor Day at Veranda Beach


Did you know that in Korea they call Arbor Day ‘Tree Loving Day’? Isn’t that just perfect? We too love our trees and every year Veranda Beach cottage owners, families and guests come together to celebrate Arbor Day in a fun-filled leaf-fest. (Or should that be love-fest?) We plant Shade and Maple trees, flowers, and shrubs, go on nature walks, create our famous walking sticks, eat masses of Chili, join the Easter Bunny in an Easter egg hunt…

In short it’s a weekend we look forward to every single year. It’s a great pre-season start to the Veranda Beach summer festivities and we hope to see you there this year!


SAT MAY 21 – FABULOUS 50’s SOCK HOPFabulous 50s Sock Hop at Veranda Beach

“Sock Hop: a dance for young teenagers at which they were required to dance in stocking feet in an effort to protect the varnished floors of the school gymnasiums in which they were held.”

You won’t want to miss our May Long Weekend Sock Hop, the perfect way to kick off the season – with or without shoes, and whether you’re a teenager or not! While the original sock hops back in the 40s and 50s may have called for stockinged feet only, we’re fine if you choose to wear shoes. We do, however, hope you’ll put away your everyday jeans and instead pull out your poodle skirts, cat-eye glasses, Brylcreem and bowling shirts and bee-bop the night away in true 50s style! See you on the dance floor!

Girls' Getaway Weekend at Veranda BeachFRI JUNE 10 – GIRLS’ GETAWAY WEEKEND

There’s a saying that your “Girlfriends help you make nonsense of the world”. Every now and again that’s exactly what the doctor ordered – a break from the real world, the daily grind, bolstered by love and friendship! So… TA DA!

Back by popular demand, we bring you our 6th Annual Girls’ Getaway Weekend. You bring your friends, we’ll bring the wine, food and fun!

Expect to be pampered and to shop till you drop at our pop-up fashion fair. Expect lots of laughter, lightness of spirit and love. Expect to go home feeling like all is right with the world again.


Sports Day Weekend at Veranda BeachRemember when the thought of Sports Day used to strike fear into our hearts? The agony of having to wear tiny, shiny, track-and-field shorts; mandatory, miserable attempts to throw a javelin/discus/shot put; the fear of dropping the baton in the relay race…? Those days are long gone! Instead, we offer you the Veranda Beach Sports Day – all fun, all day. In fact, our Sports Day is so much fun, we’ve now extended it to last through the weekend – at your request!

Our 9th Annual Veranda Beach Sports Day Weekend promises to be the best yet. There is something for everyone – events like Tug O War, Sack Races, Water Balloon Toss, Shuffleboard, Ping Pong, Paddleboard, Watermelon eating contests, Family Dance, our Mayor of Veranda Beach elections and more… Not a javelin in sight; tiny, shiny shorts entirely optional!


They say a picture paints a thousand words, so we’ll leave it up to this picture to show you all you need to know about Veranda Beach 2016.

Summer on Lake Osoyoos

See you on our sunny shores soon!

Tsawwassen Gang Reunion at Veranda Beach

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
Family and Friends Reunion at Veranda Beach

Tsawwassen Gang Family and Friends Reunion

Last Night was Texas night for the Tsawwassen Reunion Gang of five families from Vancouver! Even the adults were all decked out. The night prior was Caribbean night and a Mexican, 50′s and White Trash night are still to come!

It’s the Tsawwassen Reunion Gang’s first time to Veranda Beach, having discovered it through a friend that owns a family cottage at Veranda Beach. Historically the Gang went to Tofino, however, no more as they are loving it at the Beach and they’ve already booked again for next year!

Veranda Beach is the perfect place for reunions of family and friends!