Events Calendar

Also, see the upcoming events below.

May 14th                          Sunday                 Mother’s Day
May 21st                          Sunday                HOA Fabulous 50’s Sock Hop
May 22nd                         Monday                Victoria Day                            
May 29th                          Monday                Memorial Day
June 18th                         Sunday                  Father’s Day
July 1st                            Saturday                Canada Day
July 4th                            Tuesday                 Independence Day
August 5th                       Saturday                HOA  Veranda Beach Sports Day
August 6th                       Sunday                  HOA  Veranda Beach Ultimate Challenge
August 7th                       Monday                 BC Day
August 19th                     Saturday                HOA Summer Beach Party

September 2nd                Saturday                HOA Veranda Beach Golf Tournament
September 4th                 Monday                 Labor Day / Labour Day
2nd week in Oct                                            Harvest of the Grapes   (exact date to be announced)
October 9th                      Monday                Canadian Thanksgiving
November 23rd                Thursday              US Thanksgiving
December 25th                 Monday               Christmas
December 31st                 Sunday                New Year’s Eve

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