General Store


Our General Store is now closed for the season. Thank you to all our Veranda Beach customers who stopped by for buy-me-now treats and must-haves. We look forward to indulging your shopping needs and cravings again in 2018 - see you in the store next year!

Veranda Beach General Store

Sweet treats at the Veranda Beach General StoreThe Veranda Beach General Store offers everything from penny candy to cottage décor and gift ideas.

Craving a sweet treat? Forgot something? Looking for something special to prepare for happy hour? The Veranda Beach General Store will likely have it for you!  Check out our selection of ingredients and fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. Our staff can even point you to the Veranda Beach community herb garden so you can clip some fresh basil or cilantro.  Feel like decorating your cottage, need a last minute gift idea, or just feel like shopping? The Veranda Beach General Store is a new store every day, offering embroidered apparel, retro games, books and cottage décor!

General Store hours: Daily from 10am-8pm.