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Ryan Testimonial

Clean and fun resort! Lots of things to do. - Ryan M.

Cindi Testimonial

We came to Veranda Beach for the first time this summer and it was such an amazing experience from start to finish. I didn't want to leave! Already making reservations for next year! ~ Cindi C. | Maple Valley, WA


Cottage was super clean and welcoming. Everyone was friendly. We LOVED our stay!

                                                                                          - Olsen Family at 100 Flip Flop

Colleen Testimonial

The whole experience was amazing. Our 3 children had never been to Veranda Beach before, they loved everything about it. - Colleen | Kelowna, BC

Rob Testimonial

The perfect getaway for an active family that wants to have it all! - Rob | North Vancouver, BC

Theresa Testimonial

All the staff at the resort were very friendly and quick to respond to any of our requests or questions. - Theresa | Kelowna, BC