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The Old Molson Ghost Town Museum is an outdoor collection of pioneer buildings and equipment. The best collections of nostalgia in the town of Molson, Washington. Located in the Beautiful Okanogan Highlands in North Central Washington State. This outdoor museum exhibit was established by Harry Sherling in 1960 in remembrance of the rich pioneering history of Old Molson. The museum is open Year Round during daylight hours.

The Molson Schoolhouse closed to students in 1969. It reopened as a museum in 1982. Many thanks to the countless hours of hard work by so many volunteers to gather exhibit items and sort them all out for display. The museum is a living exhibit that continues to have items added to it each year. Volunteers staff the museum 7 days a week, 10a – 5p, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Many of them are lifelong residents of the area as well as past students and teachers. It is a real privilege to hear first hand accounts of Molson’s history.